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The Greatest Stadiums That Never Were - The Canadian Archivist Blog

Mar. 1st, 2011 09:04 am The Greatest Stadiums That Never Were


That gasping sound you hear in the background is Regina's bid for a domed stadium rattling through its apparent death throes. For the last year or so the city, the Roughriders, and the provincial government have been hoping for angel money from the federal government for a new domed stadium that would replace Taylor Field (yeah, yeah, Mosaic Stadium, but get real, only the advertisements call it that here). For a minute there I thought the feds would give Quebec City money for an arena which would enable them to break off some cheddar for a new dome out here, but alas, it appears that this is not to be.

This is hardly the first stadium that never was, and Slate has helpfully assembled a slideshow of all the speculative never-was stadii that almost were but never happened. Among the highlights: West Side Stadium in New York City (really? they seriously thought they'd build a sports stadium in Manhatten? When Wal-Mart can't afford enough land there to open an outlet? Really?), the floating stadium in Seattle (now that's cool-looking), the Edmonton Omniplex (shout-out to the City of Edmonton Archives, whose artwork is featured) and the proposed recreation of Fenway Park (eventually people realized that this was stupid when you could just renovate the old stadium).

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