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Social Media's Double Standard Quandry - The Canadian Archivist Blog

Aug. 12th, 2011 09:06 am Social Media's Double Standard Quandry

Social media proved to be a vital part of the Arab Spring, helping protesters to organize, rally, post video of happenings on the ground in places journalists could no longer access.

Social media also proved to be a vital part of the London Riots, enabling scofflaws to organize, rally, and post videos of happenings on the ground, like guys stealing out of the backpacks of injured Malaysian students under the guise of helping him up.

Now social media sites are facing quite the quandry: how much rope do you allow governments to have? BlackBerry gets demands from countries in the Middle East and Africa to allow access to their network so the governments can spy on citizens. If it's Libya or Syria, it's easy to say no. But what do you do if David Cameron from the UK asks for the same thing? This is what Facebook, Twitter and RIM are facing right now as London tries to arrest as many people as they can. Cameron even threatened yesterday to shut off people's access to social media if they're convicted.


While Facebook et al may not have a response just yet, Anonymous appears to have a response for them. Facebook is being targeted - well, maybe - by Anonymous on Guy Fawkes Day, Nov. 5. Or maybe not - an Anonymous spokesperson says it's not real, and if it is whoever's behind it shouldn't be doing it anyway. A fight's broken out on Twitter over it.


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