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Dumba$$es Burn Down Sony Warehouse, Endanger Indie Music and Film - The Canadian Archivist Blog

Aug. 10th, 2011 12:42 pm Dumba$$es Burn Down Sony Warehouse, Endanger Indie Music and Film


Are you an Arctic Monkeys fan, or maybe just a fan of owning incredibly rare items that will be worth a buttload of money? Then line up now for Monday's release date, because Arctic Monkeys' new single, The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala, is one of the first releases that will be impacted in the giant fire that burned up Sony Enfield's Pias warehouse, disastrously impacting pretty much every tiny indie label all over the world. There will now be a very limited quantity of 7in available for the single.

Thanks, moron rioters!


Similarly gut-punched by the fire is film distributors, some quite small, like Dogwoof, and some quite massive, like BFI. The warehouse was the physical distribution point for BFI's classic film sales on DVD, and this is a debilitating business loss even to a giant company like BFI. Some distributors say this will set back their cinematic releases, because if DVD stock isn't ready to roll they won't want to roll out the cinematic releases yet either.

In both cases, Sony is kicking its contingency plans into place. On the music side of things, fans have also set up a benefit fund for the indie labels that lost so much.

I feel sorry for the firefighters who had to spray that down as well. That's some toxic chemicals on the lungs right there. Eesh.

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